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Indulge Salon releases Lathered, Scrubbed & Loved healthy living digital magazine

Indulge Salon has just released healthy living magazine

Lathered Magazine Edition 2

Lathered, Scrubbed, & Loved digital magazine by Indulge Pure Originals

Lathered, Scrubbed, & Loved! Read on…

As of 2011, Kimberly, the owner and founder of Indulge Pure Originals had extremely dry skin that caused her to seek out a formulator to create a product that moisturized without burning the dry itchy skin. We have so many stories to talk about when it comes to creating a product that doesn’t harm the dry skin that is normally dry and cracked. It hurts. Why would we want to create a product that would knowingly hurt you?

Indulge Pure Originals lmoisturising lotion bar

After waxing Indulge Pure Originals cocoa  body butter bar 100% natural lotion bar

As we moved into 2018, we went from our famous Indulge Pure Originals body butter bars that are the core of our skin care selection that can be used in the shower. The Healthy Living magazine talks about great skin care, CollagenBlu that gives you the strength in your bones and muscles also helpful for anti-aging. As we age our skin loses the elasticity. We shouldn’t ever underestimate the stress levels on our bodies.

Yes, we do turn over cells every month but as we age, we are turning them over slowly. The CollagenBlu is a product we believe in that helps turn those cells over with protein from the sea. Read more here.

We grew over the past 7 years from our Indulge Pure Originals body butter bars that provide lotion in a bar to Ultimate Moisturizing creams that are like going from the natural product directly into the jar. No preservatives that harm skin. We then started with the lotions and soaps to bath salts that are de-stressing for our clients.

Our products are located physically for distribution in York Pa at Indulge Salon, 970 S George Street, York, Pa, 17403 and our Lake Oconee, Indulge Salon 1104 Market St, Greensboro, Ga 30642 phone 706.999.9911. Feel free to walk in the salons to see and smell.

We were approached by Kevin Harrington’s group for Shark Tank and “AS SEEN ON TV” but Kimberly and team were not ready for that. We love being local, we love being here for you our readers and subscribers and physical clients. We were able to use your feedback on our products because we cared about what you had to say about what you wanted in your product.

Almond Milk & Honey Moisturizing Cream

Indulge Pure Originals Almond Milk & Honey Moisturizing Cream

Indulge Pure Originals Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap

Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap gentle exfoliation

Our fragrances were not over powering but more of a soft scent that build on each layering of soap, body butter bar and cream to give the long lasting results that only Indulge Pure Originals can give.

We thought it out and remembered the story of a fragrance or scent that reminds us of a good time, a person that you loved spending time with. I also learned that with scent can help cancer patients not have adverse affects when going through chemotherapy treatments. I learned this from our Aveda days when we carried their products in our salon. The philosophy was to try to minimize the negative affects of chemotherapy by smelling the pleasant scents that we provide to offset the vomiting and nausea that can happen.

Our fragrances come in unscented (no added fragrance oil), Citrus Bliss has a citrus orange scent, Love has a floral peony scent, Coconut that smells like when you go to the beach smelling tanning oils, Eyptian Musk has a sexy fragrance that is hard to describe because it is more customized to your own body chemistry. Our Almond Milk and honey has been the best seller in our soap because it has natural exfoliants that are excellent for waxing clients or clients that shave.

Currently, the Lathered, Scrubbed & Loved healthy living digital magazine launched in January of 2018 to bring to the forefront healthy lifestyle contributors from nutrition, to the educational point of view of extracts, oils, skin care regimes, workout ideas, financial, holiday gift giving, ideas for anniversary’s, weddings, and just general over all health and topics that we can apply to every day life. If you feel that you can offer some sage advice that would match up with what we have going on here at Lathered, Scrubbed & Loved healthy living magazine, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. My daughter Alex is the editor of Lathered, Scrubbed & Loved healthy living digital magazine that can be downloaded to be printed out.

To stay in touch you can subscribe to our magazine to stay in touch.

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