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Advanced training on new product for Balayage highlights


This month we hosted an educator from Wella, an industry giant in the beauty industry taught us some new innovative information about the newest products that have been researched and developed over a span of years to bring us a product called FREELIGHTS. This is revolutionary clay based product that doesn’t move and she told us that foil highlights are moving to “out-of-date” techniques. My personal opinion is that we will always have a special place in our hearts for foils and appropriately used but balayage and freelights are the way to go because the techniques are natural looking, grow out natural without the lines and ultimately are low maintenance for our clients.

Every month we have advanced training at Indulge Salon on our South George Street location. Sometimes, we will host an event with a gathering of our beginning stylists to teach them the chemical break down of the type of advanced hair color we use and then we teach them how to use and when to use for color situations. A situation would be when a client comes in that wants highlights and used box color what the adverse reaction can be if not handled properly. We may train on balayage highlights that would require our stylists to train on technique. We have about 25 different techniques in highlighting but our stylists want to push our training to the edge by knowing how to get the best results for their clients.

Other advanced trainings may include professionalism in the workplace, culture and the “behind the scenes” systems that make our salon work the way it was designed. We review many of our cultural items privately and not in front of public view. With our technique trainings’ we love having our clients that are in for services see us in action with the result being “I never knew that there was so much involved with what you do”. That is a pretty cool statement because we put a lot of work and knowledge behind the decisions we make for every one of our clients that visit us.

Just the simple idea of putting a color on the hair has to be well thought out in the sense that questions need answers:

1. is the color great for their skin tone

2. is the hair color technique low maintenance

3. can the client maintain it every 4 weeks as scheduled

4. will the client take care of their hair the way we show them with products such as the right shampoo, the right conditioner for their hair type and the right styling products.

After we have those questions answered, we have many more that are designed to fit your lifestyle and faceshape which we cover in your consultation. We actually can customize the type of color used on your hair to give your hair more moisture, shine or if you are looking to have a gloss or more of a blending of grey hair this is totally achievable. At Indulge Salon, we appreciate when our clients bring photos in or pull up Pinterest to see if we can help them achieve a new look for the season.

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To beautiful hair color and highlights!

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