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Indulge in the New Work Look at Indulge Salon, York PA

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model provided by Loreal Professionelle.

This is one of the newest looks provided by Loreal. We express ourselves at work with our hairstyle, makeup, and work attire. What message are you sending at work when you show up? Do you have skin showing inappropriately? Do coworkers make comments that you are ready for the bars after work? Well, I don’t really know if that is a compliment or maybe they might be trying to tell you something at work. I know that we certainly are tired of seeing all of that skin showing from clothes not fitting properly, no makeup, and hair that is not kept up as we would expect at a professional position. Over the years, I have seen the way women carry themselves this past year have gone south. Not in a good way. It appears that women seem tired, worn out from carrying the load of being a mom, provider, and coach to their children let alone trying to climb the business ladder to improve their performance at work. Whew, those are many roles to play with limited time for oneself. I often hear, your luck I made it here on time. This is a shame because we have beautiful women in York, PA that have let themselves go for the sake of others. I speak from experience with my own children growing up and I still have one at home. Either way, we have got to feel good about ourselves so that we can continue to give to others. Wearing makeup this year is very classic and is simple to do in the morning. Low maintenance yet striking for the day. We are trying to help our women in York, PA to look better so that they are paid better. There has been a study done that you can read about stating that women make more money when they appear more professional at work. I believe this and can see the results over the years. I also have noticed women that take better care of themselves along with their dress code have been treated better by coworkers and strangers that don’t even know them. Better customer service is given to the women that treat themselves better. Hairstyles are focused more on a bob such as the one you can see above with highlights, movement and texture. The longer the hair is showing with waves that lay over the shoulder. The image of the new professional is demonstrating tweed skirts, simple classic tops with heels again. The heels and boots are not to tall and yes you can still walk in them. Treatments have become available to help offset those stress wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The harder you work, the later you stay up at night will temporarily age your skin. Think about going to be earlier and rewarding yourself with a facial peel or you could call them chemical peels that peel away the dead skin that has built up during the months of stress. If you feel totally out of control, perhaps you could try some meditation for peace and calm. Good luck with the new work look this season. Try some auburn burnished brown with a clear gloss over top to give you the shine and manageability you might be looking for which will eliminate the dry hair. All hair types need some type ofprotection over the winter months. Ask for cellophanes to help protect the skin. Call 717.846.4424 for more information on the new work look at Indulge Salon, York PA. We are located at the S George Street location..

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