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Eight reasons to prepare eight days before Christmas and all through the house

not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Oh, that’s right its not Christmas yet. I’m in the holiday spirit and so very thankful for what I have and the people around me. I don’t know about you but when my son is asleep I get to work till the wee hours of the morning in the peace and quite. You know what its like to have a hectic day and finally the house is quite and you can concentrate.

Eight tasks to prepare for the holiday:pull some recipes out of Gourmet Magazine or Bon Appetite that will enhance your gastric experience for Christmas Eve now and put them aside for food shopping on the weekend. I like trying new recipes for all holiday seasons. My family is not a fan of my experimental cooking. Now they review my lists to ensure a traditional style will show up on the table at 2:00 p.m. 

  1. Set your table now for the first dinner party. Throw a sheet or extra table cloth over to protect the table ensemble. Side note to this activity. In the past when my grandmother was alive, she would do this little trick and everyone was shocked how organized she was and now she passed this little trick on to me. Shhhh, now you know my secrets.
  2. Hire a cleaning service to come in over the weekend to do a thorough cleaning because you know the relative that will be over to “white glove” your furniture for a full inspection. The night before your first dinner party just gloss over the furniture.
  3. If you run out of time to clean the floors like the military then do this trick. Grab a bucket, add a cap of lysol then add really hot water and let it sit in the middle of the kitchen until it smells fresh and clean. Do a quick run through the powder room to freshen and sanitize. Poor the water down the drain and you are good to go. This trick works all the time at my house. I do have people that clean but sometimes I just need to freshen the air a bit.
  4. Food shopping requires some strategy to beat the crowd. This works for me. I organize the foods into the aisles that I start in and work to the other end of the store. Combining the produce in the same department shortens the time and allows you the super smart shopper to move through the store quickly and efficiently. While you wait for some shrimp cocktail to be steamed for you, run to the next aisle and grab the next set of food items. I know this might be a stretch for you but you could call a neighbor that isn’t busy and ask them to do your food shopping since you are working so hard. Pay them a few dollars and call it a day. Now that is working smarter not harder.
  5. Plan your outfits. I know that during the holiday I may feel a bit fluffier than the rest of the year because my customers at Indulge Salon always spoil me with sugar coated cookies, chocolate, and cakes that I love. I say plan the pants that have a somewhat stretchy waistline that can expand while you sit to enjoy these once a year foods. The top should flow over the top of the pants allowing you the freedom to move without be constricted by a tight belt or button. Absurd. Properly planning will help you feel comfortable. Hang the outfits in your closet in order of dinner party or the company that will be attending the party to looking your best.
  6. Makeup and hair is a must across the dinner table to look your best. Your intention is to not look like you were up all night working and struggling to get the last item cooked and cooled. The fun part is to let them think you worked like a dog preparing and posturing for the best position at the table. So, again preparation is everything when it comes to the hair. Make an appointment at Indulge Salon York PA if you are close to George Street call 717.846.4424 or 717.718.4465 if you are close to East Market Street. Normally a blow dry style takes about 20 minutes. The decompression of stress will be totally worth it while the brush is maneuvering through the hair and massaging the scalp with the wonderful heat penetrating  your head. If you need a haircut certainly schedule this with optimum time for a root touch up. NEVER go to a party with your roots showing. That is just bad form.
  7. Lastly, prepare a toast for dinner party. Practice while you clean, practice while you cook and practice in your sleep to pull this dinner party off without a hitch.

Those are my eight days before Christmas ideas that help me stay organized. You can sit at your table and between us girls, you know you did a great job planning. Celebrate your strength and empower yourself to be all that you can be during this holiday season.



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