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Do blondes have more fun?|Indulge Salon York Pa

The old saying that “blondes have more fun” is so true. No other haircolor that we provide at Indulge Salons screams sexy bombshell like blondes. The shades can range from buttery gold to creamy vanilla to icy platinum. The most eye-catching of all color choices, you will want to schedule regular appointments to maintain your color.

The popular double processing is impressive with a new product that we add to the formula to prevent breakage. Please note: this is important to note that you will have to be back into the salon every 3 – 4 weeks to maintain lightening the color as it grows out. I speak from experience. I’ve had double processed blonde which is the process of pre-lightening the hair then coloring it with the pastel healthy looking color to make it the color you want. Whether its a creamy blonde or icy platinum you still have to color it every couple of weeks to keep it that color.

Our experts at Indulge Salon are impressive with the color corrections which is color that isn’t exactly what you wanted and we fix it to make it the color you want. This can be several processes or just one color. We may need to color the scalp with one color and then add balayage highlights or foil highlights depending on how dark your hair is to lift up to the lightest color or we may be creative with the ombre and sombre haircolor techniques. We can’t quote over the phone as a matter of fact I told my staff to not quote over the phone because your hair may require more attention than what you expected just to get to the color you want.

If you want the magazine colors from Pinterest, hair magazines, then you need to call us right away at 717.846.4424 or a location nearest you.

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