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Dermaplaning #1 rated service to remove hormonal peach fuzz

Dermaplaning removes peach fuzz from the face instantly

Dermaplaning peach fuzz

Dermaplaning to remove the peach fuzz off the skin

As we age, we develop hormonal fur that we call peach fuzz. This peach fuzz as we call it will collect around the jawline, the cheeks, the forehead and even the nose.

Being the recipient of of the dermaplaning craze, I realized that I needed it because you don’t realize it until you experience it, then the differences become obvious.

  • smoother skin
  • makeup looks flawless
  • my skin has been exfoliated make it look younger

Another term for dermaplaning is called “shaving the face.’ It does involve shaving the face by gliding the blade along the face. Dermaplaning is unlike traditional shaving because a smaller blade to slough off dead skin cells. The texture of the skin feels smoother and more even in tone. Removing the vellus hairs that become ovegrown prevent hair from looking smooth. It tends to look more textured. Join our to see the video we did about dermaplaning. If you look closely at the picture you will see how much hair I have on the sides of my face.

The angles that are used in dermaplaning are very important to not cut the skin. Some blades have guards on them to prevent breaking the skin. This is a simple technique that offers many benefits that last for four weeks. The hair will grow back as it did before but not coarse like a man’s as the myth would indicate.

Dermaplaning can be done after cleansing the skin, before a chemical peel for best results. To keep outstanding results, dermaplaning should be done every month.

Can be done with facial treatments as Gua Sha facialfor the most unique youthful anti-aging services.

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