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Best summer hairstyles 2016

Throw away the round brushes for summer hairstyles 2016!

Ok, you don’t have to but here is another alternative for summer.

EIMI Twisted curls

Photo courtesy of Wella.

I just read an updated article on the best summer hairstyles for 2016 indicating that the dryer you are using is considered “the olde ball and chain.” Well, this will be your season. Love this quote, “It’s time to put down your weapons of destruction” and wear your hair naturally, declaring New York City stylist David Lopez. He says, the key to effortless – (not sloppy or dirty) looking strands is using the right products for your texture and applying them at the right time.

I agree with David. In the salon, we have been working with our clients to learn how to use their products in the right areas on the head. For example, to produce natural looking wavy hair which is showing on trend, applying the EIMI FLOWING FORM gel is great mixed with Wella’s vanilla scented oil that moisturizes and keeps the curls and saves flexible without drying out. Knowing where to put the root lift for volume at the scalp only helps for volume without the frizz on the ends.

Tapping into the expertise we as professional hairstylists can provide to you for summer 2016 hairstyles is huge to manage your hairstyles at the beach, pulling it up in the ponytails, using products such as Fabuloso Pro on your hair will repair it while keeping color from fading. I will speak on this in an upcoming article. Needless to say, you need some professional advice to learn how to maximize your natural curls/waves and to learn to let it go. Again, without the sloppy look. There is a difference.

This summer’s best hairstyles are soft and natural looking, which means your morning routine just got way faster. Learn how to coax your soft waves into a style.

EIMI Root Shoot for volume

EIMI Root Shoot

Sometimes pushing the curl back in towards the scalp with the right product such as EIMI ROOT SHOOT will give lift, volume and firmness to the curl while wet but when dry softens to a beautiful bouncy curl. Super thick coarse hair? We have the best products that will soften and be more flexible without the frizz.

Still want volume at the scalp on fine thin hair?

Try EIMI RUGGED TEXTURE. Eimi Rugged Texture is one of my favorites to use a the scalp. It comes in a tube that you only need less than a dime size.

summer hairstyles 2016

EIMI Rugged Texture matte to give volume

Smells citrusy and has a thicker texture but it holds like nobody’s business plus it softens as it dries and you wouldn’t even know its there.

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