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Balayage highlights for long hair

Afraid to have highlights for your long hair?

I understand. Trying balayage highlights for the first time with hand painting on your long hair could be concerning. Having a stylist you don’t know perform highlights with foils can be super scary. What if they get some of the bleach on my other hair and make it blotchy? What if they leave it on to long and it breaks? What if they…..the list goes on. We understand.

Balayage highlights is the answer!

We have been the leader in balayage highlights since 1992 at Indulge Salon, York Pa. We are proud of what we have been able to provide to our long hair styles without bleed marks, without damaging the hair and giving you the right multi-dimensional hair color just for you. Your hair will be shiny, healthy and beautiful when you leave the salon. Our team has been trained by the best industry leaders of Balayage highlight techniques.

I have traveled the world looking for the best techniques and influences in the hair industry. As a matter of fact, we have on the schedule Mark Debolt whom helped Wella create one of their newest hair color lines called Instamatics. He is on the schedule for December 2016. Yes, we have to wait that long for him because he is so popular and in demand. At Indulge Salon, we only care to bring you the very best services and products that give the best results for both men and women.

balayage highlights

Version of Balayage highlights, FREE LIGHTS

Balayage highlights come in different twists such as FREE LIGHTS, BALIAGE HIGHLIGHTS, BABY LIGHTS, and many more. The origination of the Balayage is from a french designer that was an artist that hand painted the color onto the hair giving it more of a customized look. I spent several years training in balayage highlighting techniqes. I had flown Pascal Benzimone in from France to train me and the team on the French haircutting methods, the balayage highlighting techniqe for 3 days. Yes, our education is expensive but worth it. He was tough, he was insistent but we all left the training feeling highly skilled.

Long hair balayage highlights are not for the newly out of school stylist.

balayage highlights long hair

Balayage highlights for long hair

This is tedious and should be done by a very experienced master cosmetologist stylist because of the layers upon layers of detailed work that goes into the hair painting and how it lays onto the hair. We look at cross sections, we look at how it the hair will look coming out of the scalp and where it falls onto the rest of the hair. My client Jami has hair down to the top of her behind. I’ve been doing her balayage highlights for years. She started out doing the top of her hair making the color look “sun-kissed” and “natural”. She wanted to learn to trust me as a stylist because she loves her hair. She loves putting it up, placing her hand crafted barretts from Victorian era. She rides horses and enjoys her hair flowing while riding.

This is what Jami had to say:

Jami Lehman from York wrote on June 14, 2014 on 1:33 am:
I began going to Kimberley a year and a half ago for styling and highlights. I had already been going to Priscilla for pedicures, and was no longer 100% happy with my current stylist. However, I was incredibly nervous to switch salons. I have very long hair, and had been going to the same stylist for 17 years. For several reasons of my own, and with some encouragement from Priscilla (who does a fabulous job on my nails), I took the chance and decided to give Kimberley a try. Ohh my, I cannot believe that I didn’t switch years ago! She did an amazing job with my hair styling and highlights!!!!!! She suggested a beautiful cut and balayage highlights, making my hair look gorgeous and effortlessly natural! Just Beautiful! A Huge Thank you to Kimberley for doing an incredible job with my hair, and to Priscilla for my nails and a giant shove in the right direction!!!! I’ll be seeing you both soon…. Jami :) Edit

Correcting bad balayage highlights is harder than a virgin head of hair thats never been colored. This process can be challenging because we have a lot to consider:

  1. the beauty budget of the client
  2. how long is the hair and what was done to it previously
  3. what can be done when we have previous damage plus brassy orange color
  4. how much can we lift without our clients’ hair being in danger
  5. client understanding that once we start the process of applying the bleach, we may end up needing more bleach or color than what anticipated due to the length, the texture, the density of the hair which really means it will cost more for the client.
  6. products we recommend to take home to maintain the tone of the color
  7. amount of time the client has to sit in the salon to process. Could take 1.5 hours up to several depending on the darkness of the hair and the actual desired end result with multiple processes that are needed.

Ready for balayage highlights for your long hair? Make an appointment at any of our locations for a consultation to see if they would be right for you. Call 717.846.4424 or here for any of our locations nearest you.

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