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Are you confused about hair color?

I know this may sound crazy but I truly do not think most consumers know what they are talking about when it comes to hair color and services. There I said it.

I had THE most wonderful day today doing some beautiful hair color on different styles of women. Some love their long hair, short hair and men and their shorter styles. I love the most particular discerning clients and they love me at our salon on South George Street, York PA.

I need to clear some things up for you when it comes to hair color conversation. Here  we go:

1. a “root touch up” is the new hair that has grown out from the scalp and needs some color applied to it.

2. a color balance, glazing, glossing is a color service that is applied from the mid lengths to ends. If we need more hair color mixed because your hair is longer or thicker, we have to charge you more for it.

3. partial highlights is the top of the head with two packets on each side of the face nearest the framing of the face to enhance your bones and overall appearance.

4. full highlights is the foil packets all over the head in a strategic pattern that will give you the result that you are looking for. After the highlights have processed, then the stylist will apply whats called a toner to tone the hair a more pastel color which makes the original color look shinier and brighter.

5. hair color glazing is a full bodied semi permanent color that will stain the hair for about 6-8 weeks and will need to be refreshed especially if the hair color is red because red fades the fastest because of the red die #7 thata is primarily used in Europe and not in the states.

The next time you are in the salon and you have a question about price or what the service will do for you, ask the stylist and they will be more than happy to get the aswer for you. In some cases with hair color that is going from blonde to dark, we will have to place a filler on the hair to help hold the darker color. If you choose not to have this applied to your color, your hair color will fade no matter how many tines you come in to the salon. Must have blonde hair filled to make the darker brown or brown reds to stay.

I’ve been noticing to many DIY’s. Shame to because the girls that I see are prettier but their hair is messed up trying to do these videos and well it makes us professionals look bad because we have spent thousdands of dollars towards our education to make educated decisions towards your hair and makeup. Its been a privilge to do your hair this season.


Feel free to give you input. Happy to hear it.

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