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Natural Nail Manicures and Specialty Pedicures

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Reflexology feels so good! Massaging the pressure points of the feet

Enjoy the relaxation that comes along with the variety of nail services at Indulge Salon, York Pa on South George Street. We have natural nail manicures, acrylic nails, silks, fiberglass, fills, gelish  gels. Work with the specialists that will asses your nails and give you the shape that best suits your lifestyle and recommendations on the hottest new nail polish colors.

If you haven’t ever tried Reflexology, this is the time to start. The many benefits of reflexology are to increase the circulation flow of blood by stimulating the nerve endings in the feet and the hands. This is a great way to indulge your feet and feel free to combine this with a pedicure. You will receive a wellness experience of total relaxation from head to toe. The bottoms of the feel are massaged in circular motions that are connected with different parts of the organs in the body stimulating them to stay rejuventated. While the feet are soaking in the pedicure spa bath, the hands are massaged and relaxed. The actual reflexology treatment will last 1 hour. If you decide to treat yourself with a pedicure this is included with treatment. Golfers will especially enjoy this tension release in the feet.
90 min – 65.00

Natural Nail Manicure. Our manicures start with trimming, shaping into oval, squoval, square shapes. We clean out underneath the nails gently while the rest of the nails are soaking in a bubbly fizzy fragrancew that softens the cuticles. We will remove of excess cuticle, hand massage and finishing with a perfect polish.We recommend arriving about 10 minutes early to choose your polish.  French polish is extra.  30 minutes – 18.00

Note: if you would enjoy and extended massage on hands and arms for 10 minutes to relax tight muscles please let us know we will extend your time. 10.00

French Manicure. This service includes the natural nail manicure process with gentle filing of the nails leaving some free edge to give a curve or straight across line of white. Talk with our nail technician on how thick you would like your french manicure lines to be. We can customize this for you and to enhance the shape of your fingers and nails. We have many choices of the soft french colors in cream, pale pink, white shades for the perimeter of the nails. 30-40 minutes – 25.00

Polish Change. Sometimes you just need a polish revival. We quickly remove the old polish,  quick file to soften the edges and polish those appendages! Includes a base coat, color polish, and top coat. This service can be done while your hair color processes or you are in the middle of your highlights. Just mention you would like this done while you are waiting or processing. 10 minutes – 10.00, Toes polish change 15.00

Silk Wrap. Silk wraps can be added onto natural nails for more added support. 30 minutes – 30.00

Sculptured nails. All nails are actually sculpted without the plastic tip to sculpt the nail to customize it to give you a perfect shape that you will not get from a plastic tip that is glued on. This takes longer than “other” nail salons because they are custom built, sculpted on each finger with nail forms then we use high quality professional acrylic.  90 minutes – 45.00

Toes sculptured nails. Same as above for sculptured nails. 90 minutes – 45.00

Re-balance/fills of sculpted, back fill, tips. We fill in what has grown out. We will use electric files or hand file whichever is appropriate for each situation. If someone comes in from another salon with previous nail tips, acrylic, gel than we will use electric files. If someone has sensitive sales we may choose to hand file.  We recommend maintenance every two weeks. 60 -90 minutes – 30.00 If you wait longer than two weeks. 40.00

Tips. Plastic tips are sized and applied to your natural nail. We cut to size. Shape the nails and polish. 60 minutes – 30.00

French re-balance. This is a little different. In specific situations, if you want to change your tip color then we have to allow additional time and resculpt the tip. In some instances we can file out below the smile line or create a new smile line by putting new white acrylic inside. 60-90 minutes – 40.00

Repair. Single nail repair. We will inspect the nails if you have never been to us before and assess damage, nail color, nail shape the desire results your looking for then we can determine which way to go.  10-15 minutes 3.00-5.00 If you need another nail color which would require us to repolish all of your nails we will charge 10.00 for the polish change.

Gel polish. The treatment of the nails is coated with a gel polish called “Gelish” (we do not carry Shellac but is a different brand and we choose to use the Gelish brand at Indulge. This is longer lasting polish  to protect the nails. Generally these polishes last about two weeks without having to re-apply. The removal takes longer by either filing the top coat off or soaking it off. Allow additional 20 minutes for the removal process.   30 minutes – 30.00

Art Work. Creativity at its finest. Our nail technician specializes in hand painting

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Flowered nail art by Kristin for Indulge Salon York Pa

designs, beading, jewels, decals, jewelry, airbrushing. If you want specific artwork done send us a photo at We will need additional time for each finger and we need to schedule the appropriate amount of time. All of our work is customized.

Hot Stone Therapy Pedicure. This treatment is delicious and relaxing. Experience the pleasure of a  spa pedicure while your feet and legs are massaged with hot lava stones that keep the heat in longer.
60 min – 65.00

Eyptian Spa Pedicure. This is the finest pedicure served at Indulge Salon. This is the most exclusive of pedicures that will make your skin feel so clean and silky. We soak your feet and ankles in a fizz bath that you have your choice of almond or mint to sanitize and deodorize the feet. We apply sea salts that will exfoliate up to the knee area with slight pressure to remove dead skin from the summer to bring up the newer skin. After rinsing, we apply a masque that is wrapped in linens to keep the warmth into the skin and allowing the nutrients to penetrate at a deeper level. We let your feet soak in the milk bath which is a natural exfoliator while trimming and filing nails. By the end of the filing and trimming, your callouses will have softened but we go one step further in your experience, we will add callous softener to really remove the build up of dead skin by filing this off leaving soft smooth foot pads. An effleurage massage will finish the legs and feet with the finale of a base coat, polish and top coat. 60 minutes – 75.00

Organic Pedicure. This treatment includes an exfoliating oatmeal and honey hotmilk soak. It’s true a fabulous hotmilk is used that was used in the Egyptian days softens the skin to a silky feel. A honey scrub exfoliator plus oatmeal to cleanse the flaky skin will leave your skin so supple and soft. The enzymes in the milk and honey naturally purify the skin. Loaded with anti-oxidants and to top it off, we use our own Indulge Pure Originals Body lotions and creams to lock in the moisture.
60 min – 65.00

Spa Pedicure. The treatment concentrates on the removal of callouses and dry flaky skin. The eucalyptus mask is applied to your feet and wrapped in hot towels leaving your feet tingling and invigorated from the sensation!
60 min – 50.00

Golfers Delight. This is for the avid golfer or something that stands on their feet all day and are putting their legs through a rigorous workout walking. Both men and women love this type of pedicure if they want in and out with maintaining their feet and toenails. We soak, file, spend a lot of time on the calloused areas to file down those pressure spots, massage. Option base coat of clear polish or buffing to a high shine with essential oils. 30 minutes – 30.00

Classic Pedicure. A total experience that should be done routinely for the health and hygiene of the feet. Maintenance should be done every four weeks to really keep the toe nails trimmed at the correct length and the skin around being trimmed to prevent ingrown nails.
40 min – 45.00

Specialty Pedicures. All pedicures include soak, exfoliation, massage, trimming and filing, callous filing and finishing with base coat, color, and top coat. 

Citrus Soak Pedicure. Includes fresh citrus fragrances of fizz and oranges scents that are natural exfoliants that swirl in our whirlpool bath while softening the callused heels. The citrus scent will liven up the senses and energize the mind and body.         60 minutes – 60.00 Citrus Manicure – 40 minutes – 25.00

Candy Cane Pedicure. Reveal your spunk with a refreshing and invigorating foot bath. 60 minutes – 60.00

Ocean Breeze Pedicure. Soak in a fizz bath to relax your feet and ankles. Exfoliation scrubs, minty masque applied to rejuvenate the calf musles followed up with a massage. This pediure is not for the person that has circulation problems.       60 minutes – 50.00

Rose Petal Pedicure. Assuredly this romantic fragrance will set you back to those Victorian times when romance was alive and well appreciated. The soft rose clean smell will help you relax taking time for your thoughts and quiet time.                             60 minutes – 60.00

Mint Mojito Pedicure. Enjoy the fun fragrance of tropical island mints and coconut fragrances during this pedicure experience. Imagine yourself on the island sand drinking in the sun. Where is the cabanna boy for beverages?                                 60 minutes – 60.00

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French manicure with customized design by Kristin for Indulge Salon

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