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Fall Trends

Introducing Bronde Luxe Color

Spicy brunettes. Fiery reds. Rose golds mixed with pearl whites. Women are pushing boundaries with their hair because they can rely on INDULGE to give them the exact cut – and color variations – that are literally transformative. In many ways we are mimicking the color contours of the makeup industry to highlight each client’s best features.

Bronde Luxe Color by Wella adds glamor to natural hues, giving depth to blondes and lifting any color with Light Turning Bronde prestige luxe colors that feature enticing nuances of pearl, olive, coffee, caramel and mahogany. . .and hints of gold to warm up the tones. Think of lighter-color natural wool tones. The new term is shadowed roots that seamlessly melt into the next color.

Balayage has its own spin on multi-tone light reflections, with purposefully placed color hues to bring out the natural curve of the curl.

Bronde Luxe is something that you can achieve with the expertise of your INDULGE stylist, regardless of hair color. It takes the same principle of the bronde technique introduced last year – the clever use of lighter tones with darker shades to add body and depth – and uses it to lift an array of colors. Every Bronde Luxe service is uniquely personalized through haircutting, color selection and application, meaning that anyone can achieve super-personalized Bronde Luxe results.

Bronde Luxe Culture Color is our best of the best, with Air Brushed Color coming soon!

Shown here are a few of the stunning, low-maintenance signature looks featured at INDULGE Salon.

indulge-caramel-bronde-lowre_1Caramel Bronde
A timeless beauty. This interpretation of Caramel Bronde highlights luxurious groomed waves that reveal nuances of blonde shades that peep out from a darker base color.

indulge-coffee-bronde-lowres_1Coffee Bronde
This look transforms a coffee brunette base by adding variations of blonde to create different depths throughout the curly texture.

indulge-smokey-bronde-lowres_1Smokey Bronde
Here the ever-popular bob is transformed with longer layers towards the front for wavy accents. The smokey golden mahogany color cradles the face (lighter on top, more heavily colored to one side to accent the expert asymmetrical styling). So soft, and sensual to the touch.

indulge-ronze-bronde-lowres_1Ronze Bronde
An artful blend of autumn reds, Ronze Bronde catches the eye with beautiful texture splashes of light and dark, randomly selected for each strand of hair. The style is a good illustration of our braiding technique.

indulge-iced-bronde-lowres_1Ice Bronde
An homage to this season’s pastel hair trend, Ice Bronde features an ethereal mix of ashy blue and pearl white blonde. Color placement is determined by the cut and transcends from dark to light from shadowed roots. The different shades at the root and ends gives a gorgeous lift to the hair.

indulge-olive-bronde-lowres-1Olive Bronde
This polished style showcases a spectrum of subtle cool shades, from dark brunette to cool olive. The super-premium color technique creates light effects into a shadowed dark base using circular placement of colors on top of each other. The look is crafted by creating a smooth and luscious hair surface, combined with long natural glam layers and soft, flat, relaxed waves.